Lee Marvin ha paura

It has been released and it is on sale the poetry and music CD by Ediclass Lee Marvin ha paura. Eight poems set to music by Dario Bellezza, Milo De Angelis, Mario Luzi, Roberto Pasanisi, Umberto Piersanti, Marco Salvia, Maria Luisa Spaziani and Nino Velotti

Edited/produced by Marco Silvia.
Foreword by Gualtiero De Santi (University of Urbino, Italy)
Music by: Bruno Fiengo, Gianni Gallo and Laurent Jeanne.

Project edited by the ITALIAN CULTURE INSTITUTE OF NAPLES (prominent Organization of the Campania Region recognized by the Ministry of Culture), by the international review of poetry and literature Nuove Lettere and by Ediclass Edizioni Musicali in Naples.

The CD was introduced in preview at “Galassia Gutenberg” (books and multimedia exhibition) on sunday the 22nd of February 1998 (Galleria Mediterranea, Mostra d’Oltremare, Naples).
“It is a conceptually innovative work, that merges jungle, trip hop and drum and bass musical athmospheres with the lines of some of the most famous contemporary Italian poets (from Luzi to Bellezza, Salvia and Pasanisi)” 
(Franco Campanino, Ediclass general manager).

The CD (complete with the texts and in elegant layout) can be otherwise received, paying a ‘membership fee’ (specifying the description of payment) of 25 euros on the post office account c/c n. 22663801 made out to: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, via Bernardo Cavallino, 89, 80131 Naples (Italy).

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