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Literature and society The aim of the Mailing List is to provide information and discussion starting points about literature and society, also from the psychological, sociological and political analysis point of view: a news place about the world of literature and humanistic work; a breeding ground of ideas and projects to discuss about and to put into effect; a virtual laboratory of culture, literature and psychology; an electronic table around which to organize oneself and consult each other about problems, activities and the common objectives to achieve in the field of one’s cultural institutions. Marked by a remarkable social pledge, the Mailing List, besides its main service (literary and cultural) aims to play a civil role, as debate and aggregation place of the so called “civil society”; as political laboratory, etymologically (i.e. “citizen science”) but always super partes (or rather: contra partes) – against the corruption and the inefficiency of the system, the dishonesty and the collusion among politicians, members of the Mafia and Camorra, the political nepotism; underlining, in the meanwhile, the unavoidable need of coming back to lawfulness and to a political and social life based on the sacred values of ethics, culture and justice.

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