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ICI PUBLISHERS Prominent Organization in the Campania Region
recognized by the Ministry of Culture

International Review of Poetry and Literature

ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE IN NAPLES in collaboration with the international review of poetry and literature Nuove Lettere publishes four collections: two of poetry (both edited by Roberto Pasanisi: one entitled Lo specchio oscuro, the other one Nugae), one of fiction (formerly edited by Giorgio Saviane and entitled La bellezza) and one of literary essays (formerly edited by Franco Fortini and entitledLettere Italiane).

The texts, in whichever language, suggested for the publication must be sent, clearly typewritten, in two copies and followed by a detailed bio-bibliographical sketch (complete with place, day, month and year of birth) to the following address:

Istituto Italiano di Cultura; via Bernardo Cavallino, 89; 80131, Naples (Italy).

They will be examined by a reading Committee set up by the editors of Nuove Lettere: Alberto Bevilacqua, Constantin Frosin, Antonio Illiano, Roberto Pasanisi, Maria Luisa Spaziani, Mario Susko, Násos Vaghenás and Nguyen Van Hoan.

The ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE IN NAPLES undertakes to give an answer to the authors in short times.

The publication as volume of the suggested text, in case of favourable opinion of the reading Committee, will be at the expenses of the Institute, that, besides, undertakes to support the work through a proper advertising campaign, to run its diffusion by post among “those in the know” (critics, journalists, writers, etc…) and its members (2.100 all over the world, among them many famous artists and scholars), who will automatically get it as it is included in the ‘membership fee’; and to suggest for a review to the main reviews of the area as well. One of the channels at disposal of the Institute will be represented by Nuove Lettere, of course.

The volume will be edited in elegant layout and printed in 3.000 copies. The author will be able, at his choice, to make his text preceded by a Foreword suggested by himself or ask another one to the Institute which will take steps to entrust one of the members of the reading committee with that.

For further information:

telephone number:             0039 081 5461662      ;fax: 0039 081 2203022;
mobile phone:             0039 339 285 82 43      ;


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